Star Trek: Peaceful Occupations

S0E10: All in Due Time

Session 10
Attended: Alex, Andrew, Nenad & Scot
Venue: Scot’s place

Covers events on Stardate 37834 to 37845.

GM’s Summary:
The Rutan is tasked with choosing to retrieve a Cardassian defector, preventing a Federation scientist from falling into Cardassian hands, or disabling a Cardassian moon base. They manage to succeed at all three objectives, and even develop the Shran Maneuver to completely destroy the base at Haytecka IV.

GM’s Commentary:
This episode was supposed to be a difficult choice between mutually exclusive goals, but the players sat down with the sector map and cleverly worked out how to pull it all off in one fluid motion. The raid on Haytecka should have been an entire episode on its own, but the Shran Maneuver was just so devilishly clever (and not what I had expected) that they even cut through that one quickly.


Spatula Spatula

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