Star Trek: Peaceful Occupations

S0E13: Peace Duty

Session 23
Attended: Alex, Andrew, David, Nenad & Scot
Venue: Scot’s place

Covers events on Stardate 38052.

GM’s Summary:
Diplomatic negiations are complicated by the intrusion of a powerful telepathic creature.

GM’s Commentary:
There wasn’t much plot to this, so I struggle to remember the few details. Basically, the Rutan/Singularity group hadn’t met in a while, probably because of my studies and I think Nenad’s kid was written into the script around this time too. But somehow I got it in my head that we should try a LARP, and that we should do something to mark the 1 year anniversary of the group, even if we hadn’t strictly played much for a few months, as this was certainly my first successful long-term GMing project. It also gave me an excuse to go back in time to the USS Rutan, as I had been pretty disappointed with the USS Singularity as a story-telling vehicle.

Knowing nothing at all about LARPs, Nenad sent me a few basic rule systems, and I picked one called EABAnywhere. I went with a diplomatic mission on the assumption that LARPs with maximum talking and minimum shooting would be easiest to run within someone’s house. I wrote an adventure allowing for equal numbers of Starfleet and alien PCs, plus one Klingon mediator role I thought my friend Arran might enjoy. Unfortunately, only one non-regular player was able to join us in the end, which sort of limited things. (More interestingly, this was the first time I ever met David, later a regular in my Warhammer campaign and ST: Edge of Apocalypse, not to mention all the other gaming we’ve since done, so that was worth it.)

I can’t remember exactly how the evil nasty bad creature worked, or what it was. But I do remember that it jumped from controlling one player to the next, starting with David’s character, and I forgot to brief David on this til the second we started playing. The biggest problem we had with the LARP format was in-character expert knowledge; Trek PCs are assumed to know all sorts of things a modern player couldn’t, and so the players had to keep stopping to consult me for that knowledge.

In hindsight, a simpler, pure diplomacy mission would have worked more smoothly. Maybe we’ll look at this sort of thing again in July 2015.

The aliens were called the Puia, after an old friend of mine.


Spatula Spatula

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