Star Trek: Peaceful Occupations

S3E04: Fracture Cave

Doing to the Jem'Hadar as the Jem'Hadar did to the Maquis

Session 4
Attended: Alex, David, James, Jay, Owen, Shaun & Sue
Venue: Owen & Sue’s place

Covers events on Stardate 51202.

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GM’s Summary:
While the rest of the 8th Fleet sets out to support Operation Return, the Agora is sent deeper into friendly space, to conduct a counter-insurgency mission on Tammeron. There, a small cell of Jem’Hadar raiders has slipped behind enemy lines to launch disruptive attacks on a local town, presumably hiding in the surrounding mountains. The Agora’s crew begins by sending a security team, lead by new XO Commander Ruork, down to guard the town’s communications facility, a frequent target. A potent and well-placed minefield successfully wipes out the first raiding party (as well as damaging some of the nearby buildings), leaving only one survivor. In the process, K’voDleH is very badly injured and has to be rushed back to the ship, where extensive emergency care struggles to revive him.

The sole survivor flees the town, and the away team tracks him into a mountain valley, where his cloak finally comes online again and he vanishes. The away team re-equips with seismic sensors to try to isolate the Jem’Hadar hideout, and gradually begins to close in on it. Meanwhile, in space, the Agora detects a Jem’Hadar raider on the edge of the system and moves to intercept it. The still-bleeding K’voDleH drags himself to the tactical station just in time to deliver a stupendously vicious attack that wipes the attack ship out in seconds. On the planet, the away team finds one or two cave entrances that the Jem’Hadar have been using, and explode them shut. Further scans indicate that the Jem’Hadar seem to be moving deeper underground, possibly to join an underground river. The Agora responds by firing its phasers at that part of the mountain until a cylinder of rock, roughly a third of a cubic kilometer in volume, has been turned to lava.

GM’s Commentary:
Originally published as Operation Ant-eater, in Spycraft: Battlegrounds, 2005

The scenario I took most directly from Battlegrounds. I was most worried all along that the technology that would fuck it up would be transporters. I always forget about orbital bombardment, which rather spoiled the intended cave-fight scene. I think the players were fairly satisfied with the fight in town, at least. The nameless town, incidentally, was not in the original plan (except by vague reference) and was improvised as we went. That was ok, but inevitably it and its inhabitants lacked much depth.

The space combat also didn’t go as planned. I had noticed how puny single attack ships are compared with this crew, so my plan was to have a near-miss turn into an extended game of cat and mouse (more or less in parallel with the cave fight), with an outclassed fighter just trying to sneak by long enough to make contact with the raiders on the ground. Instead, K’voDleH blasted the crap out of them in the first round.

I think I need to play the Jem’Hadar much more aggressively, in bigger numbers, and with bigger guns.

David finally joined us (and Gail was away), but didn’t get much chance to express his character in any detail, despite leading the away mission. I decided, while copying out the 8th Fleet order of battle from Fires of Armageddon, that it would be neat if he was transferred in from a ship the Agora is likely to deal with again often, and the wing leader, USS Denali, was a clear choice. This is also how I got to learn that Denali is another name for Mount McKinley, highest peak in North America.

Tammeron was chosen as a random yet geo-politically convenient place. Very little has ever been defined about it, except its agricultural output, and a mostly-rural farm planet fitted well enough with the Afghan setting Battlegrounds wanted.


Spatula Spatula

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