Star Trek: Peaceful Occupations

S3E06: Amber

Slow down

Session 6
Attended: Alex, David, Gail, James, Jay, Owen, Shaun & Sue
Venue: Owen & Sue’s place

Covers events on Stardate 51475.

Personal log. Stephan Carthright
Stardate 51477.8

I don’t know why I’m recording this.

I never used to worry too much about the future. Now with all the current mess, I look at the holo that Sarah sent me of Danny and Alyssa and I wonder what the galaxy will be like when they grow up. Is a Dominion victory inevitable as that Doctor seemed to think, or do we have a chance of maintaining our way of life? At least they don’t face a future without their father, that’s one good thing.

Add to todo list for tomorrow, record and schedule message for Sarah and ask Ruork for some advice on arranging long-distance transport for…

And that’s another whole issue right there. Last time I saw my father he called me a dirty rotten traitor, among other things. He didn’t exactly approve of the Marquis. Well, technically he didn’t approve of my conduct at the Academy either, but that’s old details at this point.

I’ve been down to sickbay four times in the last two days to see him. Got as far as the door each time. I fear that he may well feel the same way as last time we spoke, if screaming insults can be considered speaking. If I want to trade insults with someone I’ll go harass the Cardassian. However, if he doesn’t feel the same way, is that just because of the uniform, or…..

GM’s Summary:
The Agora is ordered to take on a Cardassian defector to aid them in rescuing prisoners taken from Salva II to Kelrabi IX. There, they use Jasad’s personal shuttle to slip aboard the Tantok Nor station, disguising themselves as Cardassian and Romulan bounty hunters, offering to trade in Ensign K’voDleH. The station commander, Gul Nuhr Demek, recognises K’voDleH from Quinor VII and demands that the “bounty hunters” dock for negotiations. The infiltrators use this opportunity to scout out the station and discover that most of the civilians they’re looking for are in the station’s ore processing area, working as slaves. Once K’voDleH is handed over, he is sent to join these prisoners.

It is also discovered that another presumed prisoner, Doctor Amber Tripathi, appears to be there as a voluntary guest of the Dominion, taking part in the major diplomatic conference occuring on the station. Sirco Meru talks her way into the station’s VIP sector and finds Tripathi’s quarters, where she waits for her return. Tripathi is unwilling to come peacefully, and Sirco stuns her, setting off station alarms and forcing Sirco to barricade the room and fight off Jem’Hadar guards until the Agora warps in at a pre-arranged time, collecting Sirco, Tripathi, K’voDleH and nearly all the slaves.

The Agora warps out quickly, but is pursued by Jem’Hadar fighters, which are quickly defeated with assistance from the IKS Krotahl, which happens to be patroling nearby.

GM’s Commentary:
The absolute largest crowd I’ve yet GMed, and the first time this season that we had 100% attendance, and it was noticeably crowded. I did my best to keep everyone involved, but there were just too many, and so anyone who stayed on the ship found themselves with little to do. From another side, the players came up with some great stuff, and I especially liked the bounty hunter angle. It was nice to go back to something closer to the old, wild Maquis days. It felt a little like a Star Wars game too, much like a Rebel Alliance mission, which is what I always feel the Maquis should roughly emmulate.

The re-introduction of Demek was complete dumb-luck. I can’t remember who suggested that it’d be the same minor character who’d been in charge at Quinor VII, or that he might recognise K’voDleH, but I rolled with it, as it gave us a chance to try out the Renown/Recognition rules. Owen rolled a double 6 or something, and I twisted that into Demek not just recognising the Klingon, but being reacting extremely strongly to him.

I should probably have forced more interaction with Tripathi. This whole episode was built around the inspiration I got from seeing the word amber on a list of geology terms, and her concept was, I think, a very interesting one. The Dominion War is very un-Federation, and it shouldn’t be too rare to find civilians strongly opposed to it, up to some point. Joseph Sisko frequently represents this view, in contrast with the gung-ho Captain Sisko. The idea of a civilian alligned with the Dominion isn’t at all crazy and deserves a thorough examination. However, I clearly fucked up that opportunity this time. Perhaps it’ll come up again in future.

I slipped the Krotahl in at the end, partly to speed up the final combat, since we were running late, and because I like to keep my recurring characters at least a little fresh in players’ minds.


Spatula Spatula

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