Star Trek: Peaceful Occupations

S3E07: Sheer Zone

Sudden shifts cause heavy damage

Session 7
Attended: Alex, David, Gail, James, Jay, Owen & Shaun
Venue: Owen & Sue’s place

Covers events on Stardate 51690.

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GM’s Summary:
Betazed has been invaded in a surprise attack by the Dominion, and while the 10th Fleet tries to engage the main enemy force, parts of the 8th Fleet are assigned to try to rescue Betazoid civilians. The USS Agora and the USS Ka’thela are ordered to take part in the rescue at Darona, a Betazoid colony planet in the same system. But first, the two small Starfleet ships must fight their way through masses of Dominion vessels. Through excellent coordinated tactics, Captains West and Tamathu successfully fight off many larger Dominion ships. However, the Agora suffers a great deal of general damage in the battle.

GM’s Commentary:
This was a starship battle that got a bit out of hand. I’d intended it to fill half a session, and then move activity to the surface. I’d also intended to outright kill the Agora with it, as I’d only intended for it to last one season, as a transitional vessel, to be replaced with something shinier and nicer as a long-term vessel (pun intended) for my games. But Shaun had the great idea of keeping all the players more involved by letting them take over the Ka’thela’s NPC crew, with David getting Captain Tamathu, Shaun playing the unnamed tactical officer, and Jay running Ensign Jim Masters, fresh out of the academy. This was a brilliant gameplay choice, as everyone got much more deeply into the battle and did much more clever manuevers than usual. Unfortunately for my plans, it also meant they fared much better than usual. Two Jem’Hadar battlecruisers, with escorts, falling to a Constellation and a Miranda? I literally can’t kill these guys.

However, the Agora was still damaged badly enough for my purposes.


Spatula Spatula

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