Jason West

Captain James's Human

Maquis Sf

Rank: Captain – Provisional

Height: 190 cm
Hair: None
Weight: 83 kg
Current Age: 22


Jason West is a human, a former Starfleet cadet, who was training in Intelligence Gathering, Security and Cryptography.

While at the Academy he becomes involved in student activism against the Cardassian occupation and soon sliped into the underground group of “hardened activists” at the Academy. But, when he found their commitment to be nothing more than having intellectual discussions about the problem as a show of doing something, he dropped out of the Academy. Using his newly acquired evasion skills, West spent a few months shaking-of his Section 31 shadows and doing whatever it took to get on any long distance transport heading deeper into space. West ended-up in a star system (near to the latest reports of Maquis activity) where he hoped that he might be able to sign-up for the Maquis and fight in the front-lines. He was happy to take any mission for the Maquis that would see any kind of action, no matter how dangerous.

A Maquis recruiter recognised his unique skills and convinced him to set aside ideas of charging into suicidal missions. The recruiter hinted that there might be a small specialised crew being assembled for a unique mission…

Jason West

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