Captain John Hogshead

Starfleet captain by descent




The “captain” of the remains of the USS Nexus NCC-74879 was a human decendant of the ship’s original captain, Jane Hogshead. He presided over the 2,500 descendants of the original crew, who were unaware that he and several of his predecessors had been under the influence of Arjin, Xavier Damaar‘s Trill symbiont. Arjin had spent centuries manipulating and modifying the crew into servile drones (absent all Vulcans), and was eager to share this process with his past self. However, it was decided not to risk transporting him when the USS Tempest NCC-66230 arrived to engage the Hur’Un. He was killed when the Tempest exploded and punctured the bridge of the Nexus.

Captain John Hogshead

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