K'voDleH, son of Largh

Commodore Owen's Klingon


Maquis Sf
Rank: Ensign – Provisional

A tall, muscular Klingon. If you didn’t notice his lack of a proper uniform, you wouldn’t know he wasn’t born into the warrior caste, and his only formal education is in astrophysics.


K’voDleH was raised on the Klingon homeworld, QonoS, the only child of a fairly affluent family of the Academic caste. As was expected of him by his parents, K’voDleH pursued his family honour in the sciences, particularly in the disciplines of astrophysics and stellar cartography.

The more he learned about the stars, the more this young Klingon wished to explore them in person. Upon receiving his professional qualifications, he applied for service with the Klingon Defense Force as a stellar cartographer. Because of his family’s connections, he received a position, and was sent of several deep space assignments.

When the Klingon Empire started to become concerned that the Cardassian Empire might constitute a threat to their borders, the Defense Force requisitioned time on the Federation’s Argus Array, a long range subspace telescope on the border of Cardassian/Federation space. K’voDleH was dispatched to chart Cardassian space and to log any data he could acquire regarding their fleet deployments.

Several months into his survey, General Gowron became the new Chancellor of the High Council, and had Martok succeed him as head of the Defense Force. Martok cut the support of K’voDleH’s mission along with many other projects as part of his first round of orders, as is the custom when a new boss takes over.

Reluctant to return home, K’voDleH decided to remain near the Argus array and petition the Klingon government from afar to resume his work. Months went by and no changes were seen. As a restless young Klingon, K’voDleh found himself on Selva II where local Maquis sympathisers’ talks gradually persuaded him to take up their cause.

Determined to continue to strike against the enemies of the Klingon Empire, and to seek honour as a warrior if he couldn’t do so as a scientist, K’voDleH’s blood screamed for the opportunity to engage in combat and took to the Maquis cause with relish.

K'voDleH, son of Largh

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