Commander Skraag

Starfleet officer




Originallly only the first officer of the USS Tempest NCC-66230, Skraag was first encountered commanding the battle-scarred cruiser to investigate the Hur’Un’s presence at Delta 110. He initially assumed the partially concealed Maquis ship was Breen and accused it of piracy and attacking a Starfleet vessel, and then became even more aggressive when he realised it was a Maquis ship with Kestra Hagen onboard, challenging her by name.

He was encountered twice more commanding the Tempest in concert with Cardassian forces against the Maquis, and then a third time when the Tempest attempted to engage the Hur’Un near Klaestron. The Tempest was utterly destroyed, and while 5 bridge crew were beamed into a Maquis brig at the last minute, Skraag was not among them.

In 2375, a badly scarred Skraag was arrested, apparently working as part of a plot to steal the USS Onake Obavva NCC-75466. Instead, it was revealed that he was working undercover in a sting operation against the Orion Syndicate. Following this, he was assigned as the new first officer of the Obavva, doubling as parole officer to the crew serving through the Correctional Service Amnesty program.

Commander Skraag

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