Stephen Carthright

Crewman Gail's Human


Maquis Sf
Height: 1.65m
Weight: 75kg
Age: 27
Rank: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) – Provisional


Stephan grew up on Salva II, his parents having been among the original colonists. They lived in one of the smaller agricultural settlements, away from the main settlement.

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Entered Starfleet Academy: 2366
Expelled: 2367 (end of)
Joined Marquis: 2373

Stephan’s time at Starfleet Academy came to an abrupt end late in his second year, when he confronted an upperclassman who frequently bullied the younger cadets. The confrontation turned physical and Stephan, who was a member of the junior Academy boxing team, proceeded to beat the older cadet severely. The resultant disciplinary hearing was short and rather one-sided as the upperclassman’s father, a senior admiral, took a personal interest.

Returning in Salva II in disgrace, Stephan took odd jobs flying just about anything that needed flying from intra-system cargo ships to passenger shuttles. Already a Marquis supporter, the increasing pressure from the Cardassian occupation forces, along with a desire for excitement and adventure, lead to him locating a Marquis recruiter and signing up.

The Dominion occupation of Salva II tore his family apart. His sister (Sarah Rotheford) made it to the refugee colony on Marva IV with her two children. His father (Malcolm Carthright) and brother-in-law (Kenneth Rotheford) however disappeared in the chaos.

In the months since, he’s come to realise that there will be no peace, no stable safe future unless the Dominion is dealt with.

Stephen Carthright

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