Xavier Damaar

Lieutenant Commander Shaun's Joined Trill


Maquis Sf
Rank: Ensign – Provisional


I am a Trill. I was born between the stars on a science shuttle that my parents used. They were traveling scientists. My father an exobiologist and my mother a doctor. They would travel from one planet to the next studying new life or aiding others. On a regular bases they would return to their homeworld of trill and it was here I began my younger life. A lot of time was spent with my grandfather who was also a scientist. He specialized in genetics, studying the unique differences between the various races of the galaxy. My grandfather however discovered something on Vulcan and mysteriously disappeared shortly thereafter. Many years of searching past and in that time I tried to continue with my grandfather’s work as well as learn all I could from my parents. Eventually I went for training to see if I could receive my own symbiot. I was successful, but before receiving my symbiot I heard of news. Somebody had information on my grandfather.
I followed the lead and ended up on Vulcan, then the trail went cold. I stayed there for three years, searching. Then one day I found what I was seeking, and the news shocked me to the core. Turak, a close friend of my grandfather had actually killed him, the details were vague, but I learned that after he did the deed, he stole his symbiot and placed it within himself. Enraged at this act, I hunted Turak down. When I found him I did not wait for an explanation. He died, slowly. He was alive when I cut him open and took back my grandfather’s symbiot, he watched as I placed the symbiot within myself. For a short time I was disoriented as my grandfather’s and Turaks memories invaded my own. But I found out what my grandfather had discovered, and what Turak had tried to hide.
It was then I took my knowledge of medicines to another level, combining my grandfather’s discovery with my skills, Turak became my first live specimen.
Perhaps it was the fact that Turak was a well known and high profile figure on Vulcan that lead to my own manhunt, but I had to leave the planet shortly after.

Xavier Damaar

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