A Vorta of the Dominion. The Tuhmeen was transporting him from Cardassian Space to the Bajoran Wormhole in early 2372, when the Sirco cell captured him and, through a series of chases, ultimately caused him to somehow commit suicide without any obvious, external means. His body was ejected in an escape pod to distract the USS Boston NCC-71935.

He was seen again on Delta 110, which confused the Maquis somewhat until news eventually filtered down from Starfleet that Vorta are frequently cloned.

During the Dominion War, he commanded a significant portion of the Dominion forces, as well as engaging in diplomatic efforts on the Founders’ behalf. The Ferengi captured him in a prisoner exchange and handed him over to Starfleet intelligence. Even so, he (or his next clone) was soon sighted on Tantok Nor, leading the conference with neutral governments there, and then again on Darona, setting up some sort of ketracel white processing center. He barely escaped capture in this last instance, beaming aboard a Jem’Hadar battle cruiser seconds before the USS Agora could transport him to them instead.


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