CDS Dabray

Cardassian cruiser


DominionClass and Type: Galor class Cruiser
Last known captain: Gul Monnet

Structure: 35
Size: 6
Decks: 12
Length: 371.88m
Height: 59m
Beam: 192.23m
Complement: 350


A standard Galor, with a troop of 50 Jem’Hadar aboard, the Dabray found shelter from Starfleet in the neutral Klaestron system, until the USS Agora NCC-5099 snuck a sample of the Psi 2000 infection aboard it, causing the Klaestrons to require the ship to exit their space. When it did, the Agora gave chase, and while they clearly had the advantage, they chose instead to let the damaged Dabray return to the front lines, hoping it would spread the infection to other Dominion vessels and planets.

It was later discovered that the Dabray had been flown to the Gamma Quadrant, where much of its contents were taken to the research station at Wadi, where the Psi 2000 infection was studied by Dominion scientists.

CDS Dabray

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