CDS Vetar

Cardassian flagship


Cardassian union logoClass and Type: Galor class Cruiser
Last known captain: Uncertain

Structure: 35
Size: 6
Decks: 12
Length: 371.88m
Height: 59m
Beam: 192.23m
Complement: 300


The Vetar is the flagship of Gul Evek of the Cardassian Fourth Order. It is frequently seen patrolling the DMZ and has engaged Maquis vessels several times already.

In 2371, it led the defence of Panora against the Maquis raid there, and was forced to withdraw. A month later, it was pursuing the Chakotay cell through the Badlands, when it was damaged by plasma storms. The Maquis vessel Val Jean was presumed destroyed deeper into the plasma field.

The following year, the Vetar, no longer under Gul Evek, and the CDS Veshar, were both destroyed by the Hur’Un and the USS Ka’thela NCC-31846 in their attempt to seize the saucer section of the USS Nexus NCC-74879.

CDS Vetar

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