a.k.a. USS Rutan NCC-20046


SfMaquisClass and Type: Oberth class Surveyor
Last known captain: Captain Jason West
Registry Number: NCC-20046 (briefly NAR-20046)
Launched: 2334
De-commissioned: 2362
Stolen: 2371
Returned: 2373
Re-commissioned: 2374
Destroyed: 2374

Tour of the Ship – Includes interior layout

Hull (2 of 70 space spare)
Structure: 20
Size: 5
Decks: 5
Length: 150.81m
Height: 41m
Beam: 72m
Complement: 40

Transporters: 2 personnel, 1 cargo, 4 emergency
Cargo: 45 units
Shuttlebay: 1 fore, 1 forward port, 1 forward starboard
Shuttlecraft: up to 4 Size worth (2/1/1)
Tractor Beams: 1 forward ventral, 1 aft ventral
Sensor System: Class 4 (E)
Operations System: Class 3 (D)
Life Support: Class 3 (D)
Cloaking Device: Class 3

Impulse System: Class 3A (.75c) ©
Warp System: Type LF-26 (5.0 / 7.0 / 9.6) ©

Phaser Banks: Type VI (X2/B)
Penetration: 5/5/4/0/0
Breen Beam Weapons (x2/B)
Penetration: 5/5/4/0/0
Photon Torpedoes: Type II (B)
Penetration: 3/3/3/3/3
Deflector Shield: Type CIDSS-2 ©
Protection / Threshold: 14 / 4

Manueuver Modifiers: +1C, +1H, -1T

Edge: Enhanced System (Sensors) (+2 to tests)
Edge: Battle Tested
Flaw: Jury Rigged (Weapons System)


A former Starfleet science vessel, the USS Rutan NCC-20046, this ship had been floating in a surplus yard for almost a decade when it was bought by the Tagrans and modified as a short-range, largely automated research vessel. However, shortly before this conversion was completed, the Sirco cell of the Maquis infiltrated the under-staffed repair yards working on the ex-Rutan, seizing it for their own use. They soon renamed it the Hur’Un, a Klingon term. When the Dominion put an end to the Maquis, Sirco cell turned themselves over to Bajor, who impounded the ship. A year later, when Starfleet needed a small vessel for a covert mission, the acquired the ship from the Bajorans, renamed it the USS Rutan, and ordered the now-commissioned former Maquis to take it into the Gamma Quadrant. The ship was spotted by Dominion forces and destroyed, stranding the crew on the far side of the galaxy.

2334: Launched, 40 Eridani-A Starfleet Construction Yards.
2334: Commissioned, USS Rutan NCC-20046. Configured for Planetological Research.
2334: New CO: Commander Alf Gwilliam.
2335: New CO: Captain Jacqueline Cerrato.
2336: First Contact: Gornans.
2339: Rescue: SS Sara Jane NDT-3030
2340: Refit: Configured for Solar Radiological Research.
2340: New CO: Commander Bitros Matsoso.
2342: Skirmish: Against smugglers, Paulsen Nebula. Inconclusive.
2343: New CO: Commander Ryurk Gedney.
2349: Refit: Configured for General Research Support. General systems upgrade.
2350: New CO: Commander Aurelia D’onofrio.
2353: New CO: Commander Jenna Bluetear.
2354: Skirmish: Against smugglers, Taugan system. Success.
2357: New CO: Lieutenant Commander/Commander Mangasha al-Yemini.
2360: New CO: Commander S’tem.
2360: First Contact: Florans.
2360: Rescue: USS Potemkin NCC-1657 and IKS Krotahl.
2360: New CO: Lieutenant Commander/Commander Jonoh Bell.
2360: Skirmish: Against pirates, Styx Rift. Inconclusive.
2361: Skirmish: Against Cardassian vessels/outpost, Sector 218. Success.
2362: Decommissioned. Taken to Surplus Depot Z8.
2370: Sold: Universities Collective of Tagra IV. Re-registered as (unnamed) NAR-20046.
2371: Refit: Demilitarization conversion begun at Alpha Trianguli shipyard. Interrupted.
2371: Stolen by Maquis.
2371: Skirmish: Against Starfleet vessels. Minor victory.
2371: Re-named: Hur’Un.
2371: First Contact: Delta 110 Natives.
2371: Skirmish: Against Starfleet vessel. Inconclusive.
2371: Skirmish: Against Cardassian outpost, Galdon. Success.
2371: Skirmish: Against Cardassian convoy. Success.
2371: Battle: Raid on Panora Outpost. Success.
2371: Battle: Defence of Salva II. Success.
2372: Skirmish: Raid on BDC 941. Success.
2372: Skirmish: Piracy against Dominion. Intercepted by Klingons, Cardassians and Starfleet. Failure.
2372: Battle: Over remains of the USS Nexus NCC-74879. Partial success.
2373: Skirmish: Against CDS Probb. Victory.
2373: Battle: Against Jem’Hadar vessels during convoy escort from Salva II to Marva IV. Success.
2373: Battle: Raid on Quinor VII. Failure.
2373: Surrender to Bajor. Ship impounded.
2374: Re-commissioned, USS Rutan NCC-20046.
2374: New CO: Captain Jason West.
2374: Destroyed in orbit of Dosa II, Gamma Quadrant.


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