Class F Shuttle NCC-1697/3 "Livingston"

Long-lost Federation shuttlecraft


This ancient shuttle was found adrift in Dominion space by the USS Agora NCC-5099, in very shoddy condition and emitting an automated distress signal. Brought aboard, it was identified as a civilian passenger shuttle, bought by Sirius Cruises from Starfleet in 2276. Before that, it had been assigned to the USS Dauntless NCC-1697 since its construction in 2265. In 2296, Sirius Cruises reported the shuttle lost somewhere near the Klingon border.

A quick survey by Number Four suggested that the shuttle was largely inoperative, and its computer records indicated that shuttle had most likely been en route to Panora, possibly in concert with another vessel. The shuttle was isolated aboard the Agora, but a small number of Tribbles still escaped from a smuggling hold, and began to infest the ship, full of Tammeron grain intended for Salva II. At the same time, a minor Borg invasion of the ship was attempted. Once all of this was resolved, the Agora made for Deep Space 9 for repairs, dropping this old shuttle there.

Class F Shuttle NCC-1697/3 "Livingston"

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