USS Agora NCC-5099

Old clunker of a starship


SfClass and Type: Constellation class Cruiser
Last known captain: Captain Jason West
Launched: 2293
De-commissioned: 2358
Re-commissioned: 2374
De-commissioned & cannibalised: 2374
Renown: 11 (Modifier: ±2)

Hull (0 of 77 space spare)
Structure: 30
Size: 6
Decks: 15
Length: 310m
Height: 95m
Beam: 104m
Complement: 300/310 – Crew Manifest

Transporters: 6 personnel, 6 emergency, 1 cargo
Cargo: 60 units
Shuttlebays: 1 fore (4sz), 3 port (2sz, 2sz 4sz), 3 starboard (2sz, 2sz 4sz)
Shuttlecraft: 4 x Type 9 shuttles, 8 x Type 18 shuttlepods, 8 x workbees
Tractor Beams: 1 forward ventral, 1 aft
Sensor System: Class 3 – D
Operations System: Class 4 – E
Life Support: Class 4 – E

Impulse System: Class IV (.5c) – D
Warp System: Class 6A (6.0 / 8.0 / 9.0) – D

Phaser Banks: Type VIII x4 – D
Penetration: 5/5/4/0/0
Photon Torpedoes: Type II x 4 – D
Penetration: 5/5/5/5/5
Deflector Shield: Class 4 – C
Protection / Threshold: 14 / 4

Manueuver Modifiers: +2C, +0H, +2T

Edge: Monotanium Plating
Flaw: Design Defect (Transporters)


The Agora was among Starfleet’s best explorers when it launched, and was a prize assignment for its first decade or two of operations. As it aged and began to compete with newer, better designs, it was gradually pushed back into support roles, spending its last decade of service as little more than a cargo ship. It was finally decommissioned and put into inactive reserves in 2358. Its service up to this point was mostly considered commendable, but not especially remarkable for a major starship.

When the Dominion War began, Starfleet rushed its reserves back into service, until new vessel production could catch up, and the Agora was assigned to the 8th Fleet in early 2374, with crew drawn partly from the Correctional Service Amnesty program. They served reasonably well, until the ship was heavily damaged in battle over Darona, and the decision was made to retire it and scrap it for spares.

The ship’s mascot, since shortly after launch, was a Krognik demon, represented by a mural in the crew lounge.

2293: Launched, 61 Cygni Starfleet Construction Yards.
2293: Commissioned, USS Agora NCC-5099.
2293: New CO: Captain Magaav.
2309: New CO: Captain Hassan McCracken.
2310: Accident: Collision with USS Republic NCC-1371.
2310: New CO: Captain Eoau’ao.
2321: New CO: Captain Onizuka Eikichi.
2326: New CO: Captain Michaela Lundgren.
2336: Refit: Upgraded for improved performance.
2338: New CO: Captain Ban’ril U’acken
2345: New CO: Commander T’vel
2351: New CO: Commander Pham Lam Giap
2355: New CO: Lieutenant Commander Margret Erlendsdottir
2358: Decommissioned. Taken to Surplus Depot Z8.
2374: Re-commissioned, USS Agora NCC-5099.
2374: New CO: Captain Jason West
2374: Battle: Defence at Kalandra. Success.
2374: Skirmish: Against Jem’Hadar at Tammeron. Victory.
2374: Attempted Borg incursion by Number Four. Prevented.
2374: Skirmish: Against Jem’Hadar at Kelrabi. Victory.
2374: Battle: Rescue at Darona. Destroyed two Jem’Hadar battle cruisers. Success.
2374: Decommissioned. Cannibalised for parts.

USS Agora NCC-5099

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