USS Nexus NCC-74879

Starfleet Explorer


Sf Class and Type: Galaxy class explorer
Last known captain: Captain Jane Hogshead

Structure: 35
Size: 8
Decks: 42
Length: 642m
Height: 195m
Beam: 463m
Complement: 1,012


Launched on stardate 51526.42 under the command of Captain Jane Hogshead, the USS Nexus will be lost on stardate 53702.29, thrown back in time nearly 300 years, to the year 2083. In this past it will have lost its engineering section, leaving the saucer section without a warp drive to take it home, and without many other systems the crew will have been used to in the future. By the time it reaches the edge of Federation space again around stardate 49489, it is under the command of Captain John Hogshead, descendant of Jane, with a population of around 2,500. Unknown to its crew, the Arjin symbiont has been living onboard all this time, taking control of command crew (including, ultimately, Captain Hogshead) and performing genetic experiments on the ship’s population, turning them into easily controlled servants.

As the ship approaches Federation space, it is met by the USS Ka’thela NCC-31846, but also attacked by the Cardassian warships CDS Vetar and CDS Veshar, who are in turn attacked by the Hur’Un, which has been tracking them from Cardassian space. The Hur’Un destroyed the Cardassians and chased off the Starfleet vessel, giving them just enough time for Doctor Damaar to meet his symbiont’s future self, before the USS Tempest NCC-66230 arrives. The Tempest is also destroyed, and its explosion further damages the fragile Nexus, killing hundreds. The Maquis flee the scene, having stolen the Nexus’s computer core (largely useless) and enough scrap shuttles to build a new Type 9.

Several years later, after the ship is launched (for the first time, again), Jane Hogshead is assigned as its captain, with Commander Ruork assigned as the first officer, following the decommissioning of the USS Agora NCC-5099, his previous posting. Under his watch, the Nexus meets the Starfleet-captured freighter Kekoot, arriving through the Bajoran wormhole, pursued by Jem’Hadar.

USS Nexus NCC-74879

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