Klaestron IV

An independent class M world near Federation space, Klaestron underwent a long period of civil war, which finally ended in 2339. They now have a unified world government. They are known to have had close ties with the Cardassian Union, and signed a peace accord with the Dominion very early on. However, they remain generally open and friendly towards the Federation too. They have not been on good terms with Bajor.

In 2372, the Klaestron system was initially presumed by Maquis intelligence to be the destination of the CDS Vetar and CDS Veshar, which were really pursuing the USS Nexus NCC-74879.

In 2374, the USS Agora NCC-5099 was sent to expel the CDS Dabray from it’s hide-out in orbit of Klaestron IV, and achieved this by contaminating the Cardassian vessel and encouraging the Klaestron’s Minister Werr to send them away on medical grounds.

After the end of the Dominion War, Kestra Hagen led a technical support mission to help the Klaestrons, and on the return trip from there the Red Dwarf blew up but then got better again.

Klaestron IV

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