Salva II

The home planet of many of this campaign’s crew.

Salva II administrative center, seen from nearby farm.

The second planet of the Salva system was a Federation colony, established in 2329 near what turned out to be the edge of Cardassian space. In spite of the constant threat of the Cardassian War, Starfleet ships always kept a careful watch over the colony, and over the decades it grew into a pristine center of civilisation, with a population of nearly 100,000, mostly humans. Even so, the Salvans were constantly kept aware of their precarious situation, by the steady stream of wounded Starfleet personnel beamed down to their excellent medical facilities, and in 2368 by the complete destruction of their nearest neighbours at the Solarion IV colony.

Salva IIAfter the war ended, Salva II found itself in the Demilitarized Zone, as the Federation-Cardassian Treaty of 2370 transferred it to the Cardassian Union. Most colonists rejected relocation and tried to follow Dorvan V’s lead, but over the course of the next year, it became apparent that Cardassia had no interest in hosting any non-Cardassian colonies, with increasing trade interruptions from Cardassian warships, random harrassment and arrests by Cardassian soldiers, and even occasional violent raids by “rogue” Cardassians and mercenaries, engaging in looting, vandalism and murder.

Pockets of local resistance began springing up spontaneously across Salva II, and wheels were greased where possible to help the Maquis cells that had become active on other planets in the DMZ. But it was only when advisors from Volan III made it to Salva II in late 2370 that the first real Salvan Maquis cell was formed and sent into action.

In response to this and other Maquis activity, Cardassian forces arrested 50 random civilians as part of a “police action” and took them to Panora, until a large Maquis raid succeeded in rescuing these Salvans. The planet was also chosen as the test site for an experimental Cardassian bio-weapon, to be deployed by the CDS Donodo, but this attack was intercepted and prevented by the Hur’Un, with no harm done to the planet below.

By mid-2372, with Klingon assistance and the Federation distracted by the growing presence of the Dominion, the Maquis were having great success against the Cardassians, and one operation involved a ground assault on Salva II to drive out the Cardassian presence there. The offensive was to be supported by the Liberator, the Guevara, the Hur’Un, and three captured Cardassian freighters, the Revenge, the Rising Sun and the Solarion, but the Hur’Un was diverted to other matters shortly before the fleet set out. The operation was a success without the assistance of Sirco cell, and Salva II was effectively liberated for over a year.

Then Cardassia joined the Dominion, and a renewed assault on the Maquis worlds began, with several reports of revenge attacks and other abuses against their civilian populations. The Maquis fleet began to evacuate civilians where possible, and many Salvans were relocated to Marva IV, with the Hur’Un successfully defending the first evacuation convoy from the Jem’Hadar. However, with the Hur’Un opting to focus on the Quinor VII raid, later convoys fared much worse, with the Guevara alone utterly failing to hold back larger Dominion assaults. In a matter of hours, Salva II went from being a bastion of DMZ freedom, to a cruelly conquered thrall planet of the Dominion.

After half a year of Dominion occupation, a small Starfleet force succeeded in liberating the planet, taking advantage of the 8th Fleet‘s push to retake Starbase 310. They found the planet poorly defended, clearly not highly valued by the Dominion, but with its remaining population subject to brutal repression by the Jem’Hadar and Cardassian garrison. A small number of Salvan prisoners, including relatives of Stephen Carthright, were rescued soon after from slave labour on Tantok Nor.

Salva II

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